About Newfit

Nice to meet you,
we are Newfit

Intimate studio

Up to 8 people a class

Morning & evening

100 Dizengoff

Tel Aviv

ניו פיט סטודיו אימונים פונקציוינליים

During the class we use a heart belt to see how much effort you put. we also have 2 interactive stands that count scores and at the end of the session we see who won at that stations.

All the classes are with lights and music like a party in a club 🤩

Membership prices are between 250-490/month depending on how many classes you want a week, and time of booking in advance.

We also have the option of buying 5-20 entrances and use it whenever you want 🙂

Our classes

A class for every mood

We have an interactive training system that will change what you think about exercising.

Booty & Abs

A toning class that works on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. 


Functional training that works on the whole body, medium-high intensity.


Classic strength training.
Built in sets.


High intensity interval training – burning calories up to 24 hours after training.


Strength session that is concentrated in the core muscles, stability, weight, medium-high intensity.


Classic pilates class that strengthens the body, improves flexibility, posture, elongates the mussels and movement ranges.


Classic "Ashtanga yoga" training that incorporates both exercise and breathing techniques.


A lesson from the worlds of Pilates and yoga. Half a mattress and half a station. Low intensity.

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